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Master: Zhou Yang
Master Zhao Yang & Tony Rusli
Master Zhou Yang is from Hunan province in central China. At the age of 14, he was accepted as a student of the famous Kung Fu Master Xiao Shang. Later Master Zhao Yang was adopted as a follower of the renowned Tai Chi grand Master Ho Fu Sheng who also taough him Jing Yee. Master Zhou Yang also learnt Shaolin Chi Gong from the famous Master Wong Shiu Ting.
Master: Chu King Hung
Master Chu King Hung
Master Chu King Hung was born in China. He came in contact with Tai Chi Chuan early in his life when his family moved to Hong Kong. Being 12 years old, he began an apprenticeship with Master Yang Shou chung which would last for 26 years. He learned the complete tradition of the Yang family and was then authorised by his master to teach the Yang style in its original form.
Master: Vincent Chu
Master Vincent Chu
Master Vincent Chu,M.Ed., The sixth generation lineage practitioner of the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. He is the second of three sons of Gin Soon Chu. He studied Tai Chi Chuan from his father when he was very young. At age 16, he began to assist his father at the Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Club in Boston and he has been teaching at the Brookline Adult and Community Education Program since 1984.

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