Tony Rusli Ac (China), LCS, DOM, ITEC, IIR.
He was born in Indonesia, where natural therapies were at that time used effectively. Being so, few years after he arrived in UK (1974), he decided to study some of these therapies in order to help himself and others.

In 1982 he became qualified reflexologist. Later on, he studied Oriental and Holistic Massage and he gained certificates in both.

He furthered his knowledge studying Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for two and a half years with a Chinese doctor in London and he spent two periods of internship in Nanjing, China in 1989 where he gained advanced certificates in Acupuncture.

On his return, he wrote a book called
Acupressure relief of common ailments and later he was introduced to Shiatsu. So fascinated was he by it, that he spent four years learning this technique, until becoming a registered practitioner.

He has also studied Tai Chi since 1978 with various Tai Chi Masters. His research about Tai Chi still continuous up to the present moment.

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