Tony Rusli Ac (China), LCS, DOM, ITEC, IIR.

Tony Rusli was born in Indonesia. Being his grandfather a Kung Fu Master he inspired him into the world of Martial Arts.
When he moved to the U.K. in 1974, he developed a preference for Tai Chi and since then, he has been improving his practice with the help of different Tai Chi Masters in the following order:

1978: John Kelles: (Chen Man Ching Form), 1979-1989: Chu King Hung and Bob Coleman (Yang Style Form, push hands & sword), 1999-2002: Joe Soiza (Wu Style Push hands), 2001-2003: Zhao Yang (Chi Gung & free style push hands).

Tony has also attended many different workshops with:
Chen Xio Wang, George Xu, Linjun Wen, Peter Yang, Shi DeLon, Simon Watson, Simon Wong, Tian Ying Jia, Yang Zhen Duo, Vincen Chu, Wang Hao Da, and Wang Yangji.
He is a qualified acupuncturist, Shiatsu practitioner, reflexologist and the author of Acupressure relief of common ailments.

Contact Details
(0034) 687 459 541 (Spanish Mobile)