Tai Chi Postures

1. Soles of the foot except the arch completely touching on the ground.

2. Foot spiral outwardly and push in opposite directions and feel the feet sinking/melted to the ground.

3. Knees level and in line with the big toe an just before above it.

4. Legs (in pushing-70% of weight on front leg, in pulling 70% of the weight on the back leg).

5. Coccyx always tuck in.

6. Ones' waist should be able to move it separately from the hip.

7. Chest in and relax.

8. Back raise and slightly tilted to the front but with the coccyx tuck in so the energy will be in Dan tien and the breathing will be deeper.

9. Neck straight by tucking the chin in but don't over do it.

10. Arms and legs moves and follow the body and feel a sens of connection.

11. Fingers and Thumb should be open slightly.

12. Elbows lower than the shoulders, relax, stretch and spiral outwardly with the mind mainly.

13. Shoulders open, relax, stretch and spiral outwardly with the mind mainly.

14. Joints of shoulders, elbows and wrist open but soft/light and not lock in.

15. Eyes look at the third eye but also everywhere like the eagle.