Patients Testimonials

The pain on my lower back seems gone, and I can even carry quite heavy things now. See you soon.
Ling Q., LONDON, (28-06-2002).

Due to a motorbike accident, I experienced intense pain in my left ribs and knee. By massaging acupressure points, Tony removed the pain completely within 2 minutes and it has never returned. I am extremely grateful to him.
Saioa B., CASTRO-URDIALES, (20-02-2003).

The Calf muscle in my right leg had been painful for a long time. Following a short treatment by Tony, the pain disappeared completely.
William D., LONDON, (05-03-2003).

After breaking my neck forty years ago I had a cervical vertebrae removed and I was unable to move my head in any direction. Tony used acupressure to ease the problem and I can now move my head freely from side to side. This has made my life much easier.
Bertie T., LONDON, (10-03-2003).

Initially, the Shiatsu treatment relieved pain of Sciatica after my pregnancy and birth of daughter. More recently, it is purely pleasure, invigorating stretches and general well being.
Susanna M., LONDON, (16-06-2003).

Very relaxing and enjoyable, felt like he had hit the spot, I would recommend everyone to try at least once.
Morgan W., LONDON, (07-04-2003).

The join of my left thumb was hurting due to my busy practice as a therapist. He cured me in a very short time.
Savita P., LONDON, (19-04-2004)